Let's talk about FOOD, about what it is, what it does, how it makes us feel physically and emotionally. Let's keep it light and happy with no judgement or preaching. Let's nourish our souls while we nourish our bodies.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Let's Talk About Food

For three years now I've been writing a blog, Beauty In The Ordinary attempting to communicate the idea that ordinary, everyday life contains as much beauty as the outstanding and special moments.  It is a disipline that I try to live by, stopping to smell the roses so to speak.  
What I have learned about myself during this process, is that my real passion is Food.  Yes, that's Food with a capital F.  And so this new blog is going to be exactly about that.   No rules here people, except "Play Nice".  
I hope we will talk about everything from the food industry, COFAs, Monsanto, GM, food labels, cooking stories and recipes;  about the psychology of eating, and all forms of eating disorders.  I hope we will exchange information that will help all of us become better educated about what we eat, why we eat and how we eat, because there is one simple fact that dominates here - we all HAVE to eat.
I want to talk to everyone, from time-poor executives dining on expense accounts and running to the gym to work off the effects of same; to time-starved mums and dads trying to educate and nourish tiny bodies and minds;  to pensioners trying to maintain a balanced diet on a fixed-income and all manner of foodies and food-experts who care about food as much as I do.  I hope we can also include compassion for and understanding of the majority of the world that is not as fortunate as those of us living in the 'first' world and the plight of living with drought, famine and malnutrition.
If you are a follower who has transferred over from Beauty In The Ordinary I am most humbly grateful.  If you are new to this blog, thank you so much for stopping by here.
Please leave me your ideas on what you want to talk about.  I promise there will be no judgement or preaching and I will research any and all topics to the best of my ability - both pro and con.
So....off we go!


  1. Dropped in from Beauty in the Ordinary which I have come to love. This new blog looks like it will nourish the body as BitO nourishes the spirit.

  2. So glad you came by R&G...thank you for the support. Isn't it great how bloggers are so nice!

    1. Having a hard time finding your blog rainbowsandglories - could you send me the address please?

    2. No blog as yet; still in concept stage. My email address is in
      Your subscriber list. I am concerned for you, you are in my thoughts daily. I hold your hand (virtually) each day. r&g

  3. Love,love,love this new blog Sis!

  4. Thanks Sis...love the article you posted on facebook today...definitely think it is worth sharing.


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